Need some advice please!

hi ladies this is a bit long winded to please bear with me, i have pcos but for the last 10 years I have been every 28 days bang on time unless I have been pregnant. Unfortunately both ended in miscarriage 😢! Since October 2016 i haven't had a proper period they have come around time period is due and it is literally just brown spotting but only when wiping. We are now in January 2017 and I finished my brown spotting  week ago...but today I got out my car and felt wet down below without sounding disgusting assumed it was discharge, when I went to the toilet it was a dark dark red bleed on my knickers. i jumped in the shower and sorted myself out, its now 5 hours since then and I have had nothing almost like it never happened.  I have done various test since October some look like a faint positive others look like nothing I have only had one that was a darker positive. I have doctors on Monday but im Worrying! If you got to the end of this thank you and any advice would be really appreciated x


  • My eldest sons girlfriend has pcos and the doctor spoke to her regarding difficulty conceiving and going full term. I can only say that seeing a doctor is your best course, try not to worry and just keep on plugging away. All the best and i hope that it ends up being good news.

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