Stopped mid-pack, but could I be pregnant...

We are TTC, I've been taking the pill for about 6 years. I started my final pack on the 12th December but stopped 10 days in on the 22nd December. I had a withdrawal bleed on the 25th for about 4 days. When should I expect my first proper period? About 4 weeks from the first day of my WB or when I had my last WB whilst I was taking the pill? Ive had nothing yet. My body seems a bit all over the place (as expected), I've had a lot of lower abdominal cramping and lower back pain the last few days, as well as bad indigestion, sore nipples and gas (tmi). Is there a chance I could be pregnant or could it just be my body adapting to coming off the pill? I didn't think I'd ovulate this month as I came off mid pack, but maybe I have!


  • Hi Liz, 

    I have heard some women can get pregnant straight after stopping the pill so it is a po

  • Sorry I didn't finish my message :)

    It is a possibilty. I came off the pill 30th September, had my withdrawal bleed. Then my first proper period was 7 weeks later. I was hoping that meant my body was getting back on track but since then I still haven't had another period and it's been another 8 weeks. Its hard to knows going on after coming off the pill but anything is possible. 

  • I have read similar and I'm driving myself mad, it's impossible not to think about it because I can always feel this light cramping.

    I hope your body starts to settled down soon! I'm not sure what mines up to, theoretically I'm 2 weeks late if I keep up my 28 day cycle but counting from my WB I have a week to wait. (Regretting not finishing my pack!)

  • I know how you feel! Im getting very frustrated by it, as three months later I thought they would be back to normal by now. I never knew how long it might take for your body to get back to normal when I started taking the pill. every now and then I get really light spotting and cramp and I get happy thinking my period is going to arrive and then it doesn't. Ive been thinking about going to the doctors just for a chat but I think they will just tell me to wait as I've read it can take up to 6 months to get back to normal. Hope you get back to normal soon Too. 

  • It's always worth seeing the doc incase he can work out if there's something else going on! You're probably right though and it will just take a bit of time to settle down. It is different from person to person! I'm hoping I come on soon so it'll be my first supposedly fertile cycle or I'll take a test to see if Ive been lucky this month but, I'll give it 10 days! (fingers crossed.)

  • Remembering from when I was the pill and stopped, you count CD1 as the last bleed you had.... so the bleed you had mid-pack would be CD1 and then OV should be approx 2 weeks from then.... good luck 

  • Thank you! I should have another week then before im due on so I'll see what happens then. :)

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