Mini pill - returning cycle and symptoms??

hi all 

just wonder how long it took everyone's cycle to return after stopping the mini pill and what symptoms you had? 

I came off Cerelle just over 2 weeks ago and felt awful for a week or so (bloated, nauseous, dizzy) but put this down to pill withdrawal and hormones readjusting. 

Then this we a lot of those symptoms have subsided but my boobs and nipples have been agony! I've also had a couple of things that I normally love that I couldn't stomach (a glass of wine been one! It tasted awful and everyone else sipped straight up! And I couldn't eat the pork chops I cooked yesterday the smell and taste made me gag!) 

Did a first response test mid week last week but got negative. Main problem is I have no idea when my period/cycle is due as not had one for such a long time with being in the mini pill! 

Any ideas how long a bleed could take to return? What do you think about these symptoms? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences 😊



  • Any ideas and suggestions welcome! Lol 😂 I'm starting to think that nobody can read my posts x

  • Ok - just to update - most of my symptoms seem To have subsided in the couple of days (very grateful that my boobs are hurting less!) but today I have some very VERY light bleeding? Any thoughts? 

  • While I'm on the subject of bleeding (it's pretty much stopped again now) 

    can anyone explain the difference between period, implantation and withdrawal bleeds and how you can tell the difference? 

    Thanks x

  • Not sure I can help but I've been exactly the same! Came off Cerazette (mini-pill) on 27th Dec, having all sorts of symptoms for two weeks after, spotting Sunday night and Monday with mild cramps (pre-pill AF was very heavy and painful), now have different types of symptoms. 

    I was obsessively googleing different between period and implantation bleeding - seems AF bleeding more likely to have clots in, and starts light and gets heavier over a few days. IB is short and stays light. I did a test today and bfn, but not sure how long after IB HPT is meant to rise. No idea where in my cycle I am as started TTC as soon as I came off pill. So I'm in the same boat as you!

    From what I've been reading about cycle coming back it can be anything from getting pregnant right away, if not lots of people seem to get AF around 4 weeks after stopping, but can take up to a year. 

  • I think it's just the not knowing what my body is doing thats driving me crazy! It's so good to hear that someone is feeling the same! I'm now on day 2 of very light bleeding (no clots or even enough to warrant sanitary items!) and the last three days I've cried at nothing much and slept terribly! I've been boiling at bedtime! 

    Sorry to sound ignorant but what are AF and IB? I considered ovulation Tests but seems pointless until I have some kind of cycle?! The googling thing is quite addictive and is giving so many options I think I'm just getting more confused!! 

    Thanks for replying - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has no clue what their body is up to 😂

  • Yep! I put a liner in just in case I started fully, but it literally got a tiny spot of blood and that's it. Now nothing. Because they were so heavy pre-pill thats why I'm now wondering if its implantation. 

    AF = Aunt Flo = period. IB = implantation bleeding. :) 

    I've bought a pack of ovulation tests (think it was 30 for less than £5 on amazon?!) but was going to start using them about a week after first AF. So if I still get negative pg tests this time next week I'll start using them and hopefully it'll give me an idea of cycle 🤔

    Yes! It'a great chatting to someone who is in the same situation at the same time! Hopefully we won't be waiting too long for our positives!

  • Aunt Flo! - that's brilliant 😂 

    Inhad teo implants before the pill so my memories if my pre contraception periods are very distant! I've not had any for 8-9 years! From what I do remember though (sorry for the details) they were brownish and clotty. Not at all like this! This is very light and pink and hardly anything! 

    It's so frustrating not understanding your body at a time when you really could do with knowing when something is unusual! 

    Mare you counting this bleeding as the start of a new cycle or Are you waiting for something a bit more definite? 

  • It's stopped! Completely! 

    But I am still so bloated?! 

  • If it is IB (and mine has definitely stopped now after only 2 days) How long will it be before a test picks anything up? Any ideas? 

  • With my IB it was heavy and lasted 2 days.... thought it was my period And I used tampons. We weren't actively trying and I didn't test until after I was 5 days late so can't help there but They say after IB it takes 4 days for the hcg to register on a sensitive test like first response. Hcg doubles every 48 hours

    good luck 

  • It can be difficult to know the difference between implantation bleed & period. 

    With my Eldest I had already got my BFP when I had 'spotting' for around 3 days. That was my implantation bleed with her. 

    My next I bled a continual light bleed for the whole of the 1st trimester until it suddenly stopped & got replaced with strong kicking at 15wks  (had placenta previa ).

    With my twins I had no implantation bleed at all but a very firm baby bump & a need for maternity wear from 6wks into term. 

  • It's been almost a week for me now since the light bleed started, I'm still getting symptoms and had no other bleeding, but if I get a negative on first response tomorrow I'm counting it as my first period. Will start ovulation tracking, hopefully it'll work and give me a better idea of cycle :)

    Just annoying that pms, pill withdrawal and early pregnancy can all have the exact same symptoms!

  • That's exactly how I feel. My symptoms seemed to have eased over last week but after the tiny bit of bleeding for 2 days I now feel a bit crampy and have been quite teary which is not like me so still wondering if it could have been IB. Did a test yesterday morning but negative.... not quite sure what to do next tbh?! 

    Good luck with your ovulation tests! Keep me updated! x

  • Yes I've been very teary the last couple of days too, for no real reason! I think it's at least 4 days before hcg is strong enough for a positive on a sensitive test, so try again in a few days?

    Thanks, will do! x

  • Think I will try and wait until the weekend if I can as the thought of. Positive result before going to work would make me crazy! 😂 Not sure where I'm at today or whether I'm imagining things but my tummy feels a little tender (like there's a small balloon in there if that makes sense to anyone??) 

    would love some clarity! But I know that even if I went to the doctors they wouldn't tell me anything I haven't found out already and that I'd just have to wait 😩 Xx

  • Hi ladies 

    can I give you a run down on my dates etc for your opinion please? 

    So I came off the pill 4 weeks tomorrow. Was feeling pretty pants for a while and then 2 weeks to the day after stopping my pill I had cramping in my lower left tummy. We had sex that day and two days later (a Friday and Monday) for the rest of that week I was feeling much better and put my feeling horrible and sore bobs etc down to hormone changes of coming off the pill. the week after (so 3 weeks after stoppin my pill and a week after the pains on the left) I had a very tiny bleed (2 days, pinkish, no clots, no cramps). 

    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks after stopping the pill and for a couple of days I've been feeling very tight and swollen around the tummy, had sharp shooting pains a couple of times a day and keep feeling dizzy! 

    An I being over optimistic to hope that I ovulated 2 weeks ago, had implantation bleeding a week later and might be pregnant?? Did a test on Tuesday and was negative. 

    Havent had AF yet and do t know when it's due having being in the mini pill for a couple of years. Would love your thoughts and suggestions now I've seen how the four weeks have panned out a bit more...... thank you 😘

  • I did a test this morning which will be 8 days after the light blee I had and it was negative :-( 

    what else could the bleeding have been? My tummy is still quite tender especially when having sex (it feels almost bruised from the inside) 

    Is there any chance I could be pregnant or could there be another reason for the bleed and soreness? 

  • Sore boobs/nipples back with a vengeance 😩 Still no sign of AF! dr me crazy! 

  • can I have an update please? if you still use this 😂 I’m going through something very similar to this and was wondering what was next 

  • Hi ladies,

    im in a very simliar position right now. I came off the pill (cerazette pill) half way through December. I had a withdrawal bleed lasting about 5 days. 

    Then I had a regular period on the 5th of Jan.

    we had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago now. Without going into to much detail we used a condom near the end 🙈. As we’re not trying to get pregnant. I was due on 8 days ago. I have very tlender nipples. I felt very sick last week but I’m ok now. But today at work (dance teaching) I got Very very dizzy and faint and couldn’t move I was just lying on the floor. It really freaked me out. Not like me at all. 

    I am getting slight period pains. And a nega test. I just hate the NOT KNOWING of what’s going on with my body. I have 2 children and didnt Know right away with my first but did with my second. I just don’t know whats going on. 

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