Evap line ??

Hi ladies, I've been ttc since October 2015. Had a mmc at 13 weeks in Nov 2016. Taken a clear blue early detector yesterday afternoon but been reading about evap lines on them so I don't know what to think...can I get your ladies opinions please.image


  • Tries to get a better picture !! image

  • Hi, didn't want to read and run. I cant see anything I'm afraid but it could just be my phone screen. Clear blue aren't very sensitive though so might be better trying another brand like first response. Esp pink dyes as with pink you don't get evaporation lines. Good luck x

  • imagetook a test today as ive been feeling I duno abit different my period isn't due until next week, duno if I'm seeing a faint line here or not?? 

  • I can see something faint taus but again could just be phone screen. A week early is quite early to see a positive. Try a pink dyes test. I don't really trust blue dye. X

  • Hi thanks for the reply. It said 10mul on the leaflet inside box as it's the early detection one so thought I'd give it a go. Due on on Wednesday so was only 9dpo yesterday  so thought I'd give it a go as day before on Thursday I had a bit of spotting mixed in with cm so got my hopes up a little..I'm going to do the other one I have left Monday morning but I'll probably cave in and do it tomorrow morning..here's wishful thinking hey. Think I have line eye as want it so much. 

  • I can see something too taus 😊 hope it is a bfp for you. When are you testing again. 

  • I'll test again in a weeks time, as im not due my period until then. Only tested so early because I've just been feeling different 

  • Gemma I don't blame you. POAS is a real addiction. Especially when you really want a baby. It's hard knowing a test is there. I ended up buying the Tesco two pack as they were £3ish and I didn't feel so bad using so many lol. Fingers crossed for you x

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