Could I be pregnant 1st month of trying?

I'm 24 and been with my partner for 3 years now - we have been thinking about trying for a baby for about 6 months and we decided to take the plunge so to speak on Boxing Day 2016 and we've been trying all month - I would say every other day and on my ovulation day and around that time. ive been "feeling pregnant" but I'm just so worried that it's in my head because I want it to happen. 

Current synptoms (sorry if TMI) 

- painful boobs 

- sore nipples 

- ive had sensitive teeth (don't know if it's a symptom but I never get sensitive teeth so I thought I'd throw it out there) 

- period pain every morning and then I'm fine for the rest of the day 

- been feeling irritable 

- headaches 

-occasional sickness feeling 

it could all be in my head and it could be my period coming but something is different. im due on on Monday (16/01/2017) and I took a test yesterday which came back negative. 

Just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or if anyone had any thoughts? 



  • I have had all those symptoms apart from the sensitive teeth and i'm about 6/7 weeks ( i think aha! ) i used over 4 tests ( all clear blue ) including the digital one which told me im 3+ weeks! I dont know which one you used but i completely recommend! They are meant to be the best as i have heard! Hope this helps!

    Hope everything works out for you and your partner!Good luck!☺️X 

  • Thankyou so much for your reply! :) I just used a htp strip test but I'm not actually due on until  Monday so I'm not going to retest until then. I'm just worried it's me just reading into things and it's actually just my period coming! When did you test and get your positive? 

    Thankyou - good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!! X 

  • I am the exact same.. I google anything and everything if i have one sign of something aha! But i did have the same signs as you! I tested just before christmas ( cant remember the exact date ) and it came up 3+ weeks so i have tried to work if out how far since then! 

    Thank You very much :) x

  • image

    Took this morning 🙊

  • Congratulations!! I hope everything goes well for you!! Good luckimage x

  • Thankyou ☺️ You too X 

  • Did you test before your missed period? X 

  • Awww lissxo congrats how exciting ur sooooo lucky xxx is that an early test u took? I bet ur over the moon hun xxxxx

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