Can anyone see the line

imageCan anyone else see this line ??? 


  • I dunno.I think I yes then I'm like no. Then I'm really unsure lol. And it's not eve my gest but I'm hoping it's a yes.  How early have u tested xxx

  • there is a thin red line from top to bottom it's just not clear in the pic 

    its hard because I had slight bleeding 2 weeks ago and I though it was a period but I've been sick and back pain last few days so thought I would test anyway

  • imageThat's it zoomed in

  • If pic is converted to b&w i can see a very slight line but not enough that I'd say positive. Try with a fmu in few days. If you had a bleed 2 weeks ago you could be ovulating just now which can have similar side effects to early pregnancy. Good luck x

  • I do see a faint line now uve zoomed in. Do must be the hormone there to give the line xxx defo test in a few days. If u are u will defo get a stronger line xxx

  • I'm working tonight (work in hospital) might get a blood test done just for peace of mind x

  • OMG hell yeah I wud if I worked in a hospital x I'd be swabbing everything just for the fun of it 😂😂😂😂 xxx

  • Blood test sent!! I'll check result tonight 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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