4 days late and a faint line??

Hi all  

So I'm 4 days late on my period and have taken a couple of test this morning I'm sure I can see the cross in the 1st window what do you all think? imageimageimage


  • Yes hun defo a positive xxx congratulations xxxxxx

  • I'd say that's deffo a positive congratulations Hun!!😀

  • imageI've kind of got the same problem lol can anyone help me please?! I'm not due my period for another 6-7 days but I've cracked and done a test can anyone else see my super faint line (you'll need to zoom in a bit) my camera ain't Very good! My other half says he can see it too!X

  • It's making me crazy not 100% knowing I'm sure you feel the same it's the not knowing 

  • Ashley can u take another pic of it preferably without the flash on it's hard to tell 

  • Deffo a positive!! Congratulations :) I've taken two the last two days, very unsure, I think they are evap lines as very very faint :/ - am 3 days late. Opinions?image

  • YOUR test on the left looks like there's a line is it a early response test you've used? Did u use your first wee of the day? X

  • They were just the cheap tescos ones! The one on the left was yesterday with my evening wee, the right was this morning's- I have previously had 5 MC but with all the pregnancies I did find my hormones kicked in more in the evening than morning (not certain if there is a reason as so!). I just don't want to get my hopes up again! I might try leave it a few days but it frustrates me not knowing! Xxxx thanks for the reply! X

  • I know how u feel this time last year I had a miscarriage and we have been trying for a year now you feel like your in limbo needing to know don't you. Fingers crossed for the both of us good luck hun x

  • And to you! It will come out time at some point :) xxx

  • GM I do see something yes. Very faint but I can see it.  Ashley I'm really not sure in my honest opinion I can't see a thing. Maybe it's me, I've zoomed I just can't see it but if others on here can it's defo probably  my eyes. I hope for u it's a positive xxx 

  • image

    It turns out I am pregnant I'm over the moon 😊 

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