TTC- PCOS, endometriosis and lupus


Im wondering if anyone is possibly in the same boat as myself! Or help ❤

A few years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS, after this my partner and I decided to see how things went in terms of TTC. 

Last year I fell pregnant a total of five times, however had 3 miscarriages and 2 CP. Ran bloods and turns out I have a strain of lupus which results blood clots in the placenta cutting the Oxygen away from the baby. (However they are doing more blood tests to confirm for deffinate).

My gyno suggested that being that I have been able to conceive quite quickly to continue trying as my hormones seem to be in the swing of things since the first pregnancy. 

My periods have regulated, or atleast I thought so. 

About 7 days after believed ovulation I started spotting, light pink at first and then to a dark brown for 10 days and then nothing. I'm now 3 days late for AF, have had slight cramping but nothing else. All the other pregnancies I just had a feeling that I knew even when the tests came back negative. I have done two tescos hpt, which both out of the control times came back faintly positive. 

I know they say to disregard the tests out of the control lines, however all the other pregnancies I had did the same until I went to the doctor's and it was confirmed. I'm not sure if I'm repressing the idea of pregnancy as emotionally it's been a bit of a whirl wind! 

I've been advised to take aspirin every day regarding lupus just incase, have this affected anyone at all? 

Should I disregard the hpt and put it as a missed period? 

Any insight or advice would be much appreciated ❤❤❤

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