Am I pregnant?!


Just looking for a little advice, I was spotting brown blood on Wednesday.. due AF today, no show but a little spotting again and yesterday lot of CM with blood spots in!! Never had that before, done a test this morning their is a really really faint line in test part!! Just so confused! What does this mean?!?! 



  • Hi I'm just wondering what the outcome was? Did you get your BFP? I've had watery brown discharge for a few days and I feel like it must mean that AF is coming 

  • Not sure if anyone can see, but today I got a very, very faint positive pregnancy test and me and my fiancee can see it. Was wondering if anyone else can see it. Weve been trying for about a year 

  • Hello, haven't really had an outcome yet.. still no AF and still no clear positive had a faint positive on clear blue but have heard bad things abou them!! So still hoping.

    KC357 I can sort of see it but it isn't very clear, let us know your outcome!! 

    and Im in the same boat, being trying for a year!!

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