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I am new to this. we started trying for a baby end of June2016. periods have been sooo irregular. i had two periods after I stopped the pill, then nothing from August16-December16 then I had a period. 

I tracked when I ovulated using Ovia app. My period was due 7th Jan (9 days late) I'm in 38 days late luteal phase. 9th Jan I took a test knowing it was early days but did anyway using a Tesco brand test. The was THE FAINTEST line! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I took a photo of it and edited the structure of the photo. It was definitely there!! Since then, I have been driving my self crazy! I have taken in total so far 8 pregnan tests. (3 asda tests, 2 clear blue digital test and another 3 tesco tests) 7 were negative. I took the last one today (tesco) and ANOTHER FAINT eye-tricking line was there. I took a photo, edited it and even ripped it apart! what do you think?! I have made an appointment with the doctor in a weeks time (25th) so get an actual answer. i never thought I would be this crazy obsessive person when it came to trying for a baby... but this month I have! This will be my first. 

Thank you very much. Will figure out how to post the photos of todays test. 


  • image The un-edited one you pretty much cant see it in the photo, I edited the structure of the photo in bottom left and bottok right it where i ripped it open haha 😂😂 xx

  • I would say if 7 tests have come back negative then you aren't pregnant and just having long cycles. The apps aren't very reliable unless you are super regular... I don't use my app as I ovulate anything from 10-16 days in. It's telling me at the moment that OV day is day 16 this month even though last month it was day 12.... am on day 11 now and have symptoms so another early one.

    if you are still getting back to normal after the pill then best to use OPKs and basal temps until you are in tune with your cycle x

  • Thank you. It has been driving me insane! I am so impatient and I just want to know 😂 Still going to the Doctors on the 25th to see what they say just thought I would ask people who are/have been in the same boat xx

  • Yeah it's a pain. I was using 2 apps and both were giving me different days!!!! My cycles are anything from 24-28 then since my MC have had a couple that were 31 days...!!!

    an pretty sure I am getting OV pains now which in theory means my temp should go up tomorrow.... probably all in my head though along with everything else!! Hahaha 

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