Can someone help me is this a positive there's a very faint line to make + as positive


  • Just dont want to get my hopes up if it's only me who sees the faint line To make the positive + sign 

  • In having the exact same result as you on a clear blue test Hun but pink ones coming up negative xx

  • image

    I have two early positive home pregnancy tests, at least I think they're positive... Except aunt flow is due today and I'm pretty sure sure came, but it's just not like my normal cycle. I so wish I knew what was going on right now! It's driving me crazy!!!!

  • I feel like all of these look like early positive home pregnancy tests... I hope they are! It's just hard to be happy after a devastating timem trying to conceive, then an even worse miscarriage. I hope this is just that "normal" bleeding that some woman get..

    Clearly this is my only outlet right now, because my fiance still doesn't know about any of this :/ I'd rather not worry him if I don't need to..

    But I do sincerely hope everyone gets their special little sticky beans! Good luck ladies! (and any responses/opinions are not only welcomed, but encouraged!)

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