Trying to conceive #1

Right where to start lol I came off the pill (norinyl) in July 2016 and had my first proper period 48days later, ever since then they have been 40-48days long and I have read that it shouldn't be, is this right? Im on my 5th cycle. I don't even know if I'm ovulating, over Xmas me and the hubby bd every other day or every day so there was no excuse in getting pregnant I must of not ovulated. 

Just trying to get some opinions on all this and getting my head around it all, I have bought some OPK''s but again they shouldn't be used if the cycle is past 40 days. 


  • Hya hun just cos u didn't fall pregnant doesn't mean u didn't ovulate. The sperm have a hell of a journey to the egg alone. Did u know the womb is a very hostile environment for them as the body's immune system fights against them.  They're not safe till in the fallopian tube. Some pick up the signal from the egg some go up the wrong fallopian tube. And some weaker ones just die off quickly. So it's not always about did u ovulate it cud be that u did but missed that 12 hour slot. The egg doesn't live long and sperm 1-2 days with the occasional stronger sperm lasting up to 5 days but those sperms are like 1 in 14 million. Most last 2 days maximum xxx so it's still early days for u really and will happen hun xxx 

  • Thank you for replying hun sorry if it sounds confusing I'm confused about it all too lol its hard work I guess not just for us but for men😁 

    Im just hoping my cycles go back to some normality as mine have never been 47 days before I took the pill they were about 30-35 ish days (it was so long ago) how long can it take for you to get into a 'normal' cycle?xxx

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