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Very faint clear blue positive line... help???



  • Best of luck to you all!! Hopefully February is the month for us!! Xx

  • Yesss goodluck to you too :)

  • I get married next month so a honeymoon baby would be perfect!!

  • Awww how exciting!!! perfect timing!!!

  • Fingers crossed for us both xxx

  • How are you doing faithallan12?

    I still haven't had any my bfp have you? 

    I am however confused this month, I'm 5days late tomorrow but I've took a test and don't think it's a positive 😑

    I first thought I could see something but I'mnow thinking it's just the evap line/shaddow.  

    P.sPosted the pic incase anyone else does happen to see anything ... and advice would be appreciated.  image

    Xx image

  • Hope you don't mind me jumping in, just see Lots Of ladies happy to reply! 

    I had similar today, due af today, took clear blue this morning, very faint line. Constant back ache but not much else..... help?! Any one had similar experience? Did it lead to BFP or BFN?

    I have picture of tests if that helps? Top is unedited! Bottom is with a filter! 


  • Oh wow, I would say yours are definitely positive!!! I have seen lots of much fainter positives from others. Congrats!! 

    See mine aren'tnowhere near that dark xx

  • Thanks for reply Meg93 dont want to get hopes up! As heaEd lots of stories about evap lines... will test again tomorrow (I know I should probably wait atleast 2) but I know that's impossible! Xx

  • Looks good to me.

    Let me know how you go on. I am going to try one last test this month tomorrow morning too just to see if the line I think I can see gers darker x

  • I will let you know :-) 

    Sending lots of baby dust to you xx

  • imageimage

    Hey everyone! 

    i hope it's ok to jump in on here as I posted the below in a different thread but didn't realise there were others that have experienced more less the same! 

    I really hope someone has some advice... Im not quite sure wether to be celebrating or not which makes this so hard! 

    My husband and I are trying to conceive, I ovulated about 2 weeks ago. And i just had a feeling I was pregnant so although I shouldn't have, I started taking tests really early. So last Tuesday, 2 days ago I took a test and it came up with a really faint positive! I was relieved but a bit confused and wasn't sure what to do. I also had mild cramps. The next day I woke up with awful cramps so I took another test and again the line was faint :( so then I went to the doctors and she said I had nothing to worry about with the cramps. She congratulated  and told me to be patient and wait till after my missed period to do another test. 

    I am normally like clockwork, today I would normally have one tiny bit of spotting and then come on tomorrow. All day I have had horrible cramps and I have been spotting. its mostly brown (sorry tmi!) I rung the early pregnancy unit and they said to just monitor it and that if it's brown and in small quantities at a time it should be fine. 

    question is- am I pregnant or not!? I'm going to do another test if I don't have a full period tomorrow. I guess I'm scared that tomorrow will come and I will have a full blown period. Which I'm guessing means a misscarriage. 😞 

    The cramping is really like I'm on my period. I asked a friend and she said she had been cramping a lot in the early stages but I guess it feels so much worse when it's you. And with the spotting I just feel so confused. Every medical person I talk to seems to think it's quite normal but then I google and just the worse comes up. 

    Hopig this community will help me! 

    Attached is the faint line pregnancy test. 

    Thank you so much in advance!! 

  • Hi Me93! 

    I still haven't had my bfp yet :( having no luck but just giving it a break now as I'm stressing myself and hubby out over it... I guess it will happen when it happens!! 

    I can see the line in your test but id test again tomorrow to see what it's like! Hope you are pregnant! 

    Dix0907 your line looks so clear! I am made up for you wishing you all the best in your pregnancy! 

    Riacosmo I can also see your lines too and I would do the same as Me93 and test again tomorrow! I think when we all want it so bad your mind plays tricks on you and makes you think you have symptoms :(! Hopefully they are real!!! 


  • Hi faithallan! Ah bless you, it's so hard to not get stressed out isn't it. I hope you get your bfp very soon. 

    Riacosmo, I would say yours is a posituve too! Yay! 

    I'm unsure on mine as it's nothing like the other line (the- part of the +) and so very pale but I'm glad you also saw it faithallan as I was beginning to think I was going mad!! 

    It's so confusing and stressful !

  • Confusing, stressful, but we're not alone! 

    going to test again tomorrow, as not convinced so many evap stories. Can see lines in both your pics, so fingers crossed theyre jusy early preg symptoms and a bit of spotting. 

    Riacosmo, let us know how you get on, when are you doing to test again? If af due tomorrow? 

    Faithallan, thank you, i won't be able to sleep tonight, trying to convince myself I'm not incase af shows. I suppose time will tell! 

    Sending baby dust xx

  • Fingers crossed for us all. I will test in the morning and let you know how I go on. Xx

  • So horrible hearing of all the evap line stories I didn't even know that was a thing until I started trying for a baby! All I know is it will happen to us all in the right time! 

    Keep me updated all of you xx

  • Hi ladies, really trying to hold out till tomorrow morning. Just seeing how you're all getting On?

    i stupidly bought another box of clear blue, and heard so many horror stories, and now thinking I should have got a pink dye Test! hoping that I might get a stronger line tomorrow morning if it's been 48 hours since last one and still no af? Tomorrow will mark 2 days late.... 


  • Aw Hun I think you should! I really think your line would have gotten darker by now! 

    Unfortunately ive Been bleeding all day. It's still brown and a bit weird but it's been all day. And cramps so I think I've had an early miscarriage. 

    ill do a test on Monday or Tuesday if I stop bleeding just in case but I'm trying not to think about it. 

    I rung the hospital and they said as long as it didn't get really really heavy then just to monitor it. but it's been consistent and a few stringy bits in it so Im not holding out! 

    if anyone has had this please any info would be great! 


  • Oh Im so sorry to hear this huni, it's so disheartening isn't it!! 

    I hope I can share a glimpse of positive news tomorrow but time will tell, I really hope my body isn't playing games with me, but that's all I can think about :-( 

    Let me know how you get on, really hoping the best for you. xxx

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