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Very faint clear blue positive line... help???

So I sometimes have irregular periods but they have been really good at the moment about 35 days each. However I had one on 6 October 2016 and then I didn't start my period again until 26 November 2016 but I have been abit stressed so that's fine. Had unprotected sex in December with my partner and now I have not had a period for 53 days. Did a clear blue test last week and came back negative however I still feel weird, did one this morning and got a very faint positive line... but am I pregnant?? I had been having sore cramps about 2 weeks ago but they have stopped I thought it might be my period but it never came! I have really sore boobs and I am tired but other than that no symptoms. What do you think?? I need advice plsss x



  • Hia not sure if I can be of much help. I am also confused as to whether or not I have had a faint positive or if they are evap lines (I'm only 11dpo)

    Do you have a picture of your test?

  • Hi, I got my AF 2 days ago gutted!!! I really hope you are pregnant tho! 

  • Ah I'm sorry faithallan12. 

    Good Luck for the future hope you get you bfp asap!! xx

  • keep me up to date would love to hear a happy story! 

  • Ah I will lovely lady however I'm feeling doubtful 

  • Aw no way why is that? So are you late for your period and have you done a test since? 

  • I am not due until Saturday ish however I'm unsure on my cycle as it's my first month off contraception  so I'm not sure on my cycle. 

    I have a few symptoms but feel doubtful as I have only had faint lines on one type of test and they are very pale and took a couple of hours to develop. 

    I didn't test today I'm. Going to try and find an early first response test tonight and use in the morning


  • Have you tested since the faint positive line? You could be getting faint purely because it is before your period. 

     i came off contraception 1 and a half years ago and we have just used condoms until last month to start trying and it does take a while for them to regulate. However if you've had regular sex that month then there's a really strong chance your pregnant and I really hope you get your bfp!! X

  • I used another strip today but negative. Will do a final test on Sunday/Monday and check I think. 

    Thank you for your help and support. Keep me posted on how you go on xx

  • Sorry to hear that :( I'm still hoping for you tho. It's such a downer isn't it but everything will happen at the best of times! I will, thanks so much too, been nice actually chatting to someone in the same situation x 

  • It's been lovely. Thank you xxx

  • Hi ladies i need your help!i tooked a test and a faint line it a positive???pls helppimage

  • @christy, I don't wish to be rude, but I think you need to exercise some sensitivity about where you are posting your tests... some of us have commented and given opinions .maybe do your own thread if your are doubting. mass posting isn't really the one when so many people are going through heartache. Wishing you the best x

  • Hi christy, I would at first say that's a positive but with my experience mine didn't turn out to be a bfp so I cant really comment but best of luck to you!! 

    Flybutterflyfly thank you for your comment I know you are only looking out for all us ladies having trouble at the moment but I'm fine with Christies post I wish I could help other people. Hope your both well and are hetting the bfp if that's what you want xx 

  • I just need more opinions as you are doing.i choosed these threads because they were online people commenting here right now.thanks

  • The second reason im posting here is that even me im having a heartache right now after 1 yr 5months of infertility

  • Faithallan12 thank you so much for the reply i really apreciate your opinion ;) babydust to everyone xx

  • Aw sorry to hear that Christie I really hope you get the bfp!!! Don't lose hope if it's not tho I was sad at first but just keep at it with your baby daddy!! 

  • I took one of those tests today christy and mine didn't have a faint line like yours, I would say yours is definitely an early positive!? Good luck to you!!

  • Thank you so much feeling better :))

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