New to forums and TTC assisted journey


This is my first post on a forum so please bear with me!

Ive known I had PCOS since I was 17 (found by ultrasound for something else), at the time I didn't have any major symptoms of PCOS I was told not to worry and come back when I was TTC. Fast forward 12 years and I am now married and aged 29 and I have been TTC for a year with no success. My periods range from 33-69 days - since coming off the pill a year ago they seem to be getting longer and longer. I don't suffer terribly from any other symptoms and my BMI is 19.5 (i wonder if insulin resistance could still be an issue for me and if so whether i should adjust my diet?) 

I had scans/blood tests 9 months ago which confirmed PCOS but am having these repeated with the hope of making my application with the GP to be put on Clomid.
One of my blood tests is the CD21 test - how Im meant to time that correctly with irregular periods I do not know!

Im looking to connect with people who are going through similar and perhaps at a similar stage. It's quite overwhelming to start all this! 

Thank you


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