Implantation or period??

Hey ladies! 

I know it's really only known If I take a test but me and my SO have been trying off and on for about 6 months now. Long story short, we got pregnant about 2 years ago with our son, I carried him to about 25 weeks and then went into preterm labor. Doctors told me I had an "incompetent cervix". We are both fertile but it took us about 2 years to get pregnant with our firstborn, and now it seems like it's not going to happen again for a long time. i have been pretty regular on my periods ( 32 dc), I've taken OPKs, and we haven't had any luck. This month I was expected to ovulate on the 8th or 9th of January, we BD'd the 7th, 8th, 9th multiple times in each day. I was just googling to keep my busy mind at bay, I came acrossed a few implantation calculators and all of them gave me an array of dates I could "possibly implant" but the most high percentage day was the 17th. Yesterday (January 17th)  I started cramping, in my lower abdomen and lower back, my breast felt more tender than usual and I had yellow tinged cm. Thinking it was Aunt Flo because my expected period is on January 22.  But today I have no symptoms except my breasts still feel a little sore. Do you think it was actually in fact implantation? Or just AF on her way? Thank you for all input! 


  • It's so hard to tell hun. It cud be either x I'm due on Friday and I've had twinges and cramps for the last 2 weeks xxx  only a missed period and test will tell. X

  • You are right time will tell, its just so nerve wrecking! What were your cramps like? Mine yesterday were mainly in my back, and off and on in my belly, not really usual of my normal pms cramping especially only being one day and Nothing now 

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