Hi I took a pregnancy test but it's fair then I took another it say beagativ



  • does these say positive cause I'm confuse I took another 2 which i paid 5 pounds and it say neagative but does these two look like positive 

  • They do look positive x

  • Hi. Those 2 in the pic are positive 😀 If it was a digital one that you did afterwards, they aren't as sensitive so if your still early it wouldn't have picked up the hormone as well x

  • imageI literally stillhave 2 weeks to my period but got this

  • That was a bad picture. Lol... image

  • So do you think they are positive but the other two which I bought said negative and this Evaporation line which I don't understand or get. But I know it's fair line but it looks a it to me

  • It's so nerve racking these things are I have a week till mine so I'm sure it should come up right but I can see a line in yours 

  • @ccos.... you ovulate 2 weeks before your period, so you either have your dates wrong or there is no way you can be PG as not ovulated yet. I can't see a line in that picture you have posted. You should wait until you have missed a period to get an accurate result. There is always 12-16 days between ovulation and period.... that's just how we work. 

    @hello, they are positive and probably more sensitive than the ones you have bought afterwards

  • Here is another one I took this moring and I still can see two line I asked my friend who is a doctor and she said she only can see one line so it must be in my head then

  • There is a line in the test window so it is positive. 

  • So if I took a clear blue will it let me know cause yesterday I took 4 test 2 said positive while the other two said negative. My period is due on the 26

  • You are testing too early for the clear blue. They are only sensitive when your period is due... you should ideally wait till you're late, but that test is clearly positive... it is pretty strong so a clear blue may say positive but it could still be early for those ones 

  • Do you know when you ovulated because if you are have over a week until AF theb it's unusual to have such a strong positive 

  • I had sex on the 25 of December but my period came like the next day then I had sex in the 3 of January it said my oval should have been on the 8 so could this test be wrong then or something not right cause I don't know really 

  • All you can do is wait am afraid but that test is showing a very strong line. You may have ovulated earlier than you thought. That line above is stronger than the first one so I would say you OVd earlier as that is clearly positive. Wait a few days and try again. The hcg hormone doubles every 48 hours 

  • Thank so you so much that's what I was thinking maybe but as long as someone else see the line too cause it looks strong to me. But I will try again on Friday and see what will come up then and post back and see but thank you for taking the time to reply back to me

  • Put it this way if I had that result I would be jumping for joy :) 

  • You will have it soon you will it's such a heart feeling not knowing if it is or not cause when you get 2 neagative you not sure  all but I am so so happy I should want to be sure before I reach the sky 

  • I know. I lost my baby at 10 weeks in July and desperate for my BFP again

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