Am I Pregnant?

Hey, I am completely new to this, and don't really have anywhere to turn.  It's a bit of a long story.  I was on the mini pill for about a month, maybe 2. For two weeks at a time I would spot, have a couple of days where I was fine, then would spot again. I had enough and stopped taking on 29th December.  I have had unprotected sex on 29th-2nd whilst still spotting.  From 31st onwards I've had a massive aversion to Alcohol,  the thought of having a drink made me feel sick, especially watching people do shots, I'd gag. I tried having a glass of something, and couldn't finish it.  From 1st onwards I've had no spotting whatsoever.  I normally ovulate from 10-18th and had unprotected sex whilst ovulating (it's hard to work out with what the pill did).  I've put on weight, can't stop sleeping, have sore nipples and constantly feel like I'm coming on.  I have a gut feeling I am, but I've done a test (a cheapo one from amazon) and it says negative.  Is there a possibility that I am, or am I overthinking, when would a test work?

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