Thoughts... Maybe something?

Maimageybe iimageAm imagining a start to a line in the first one??


  • imagemy camera sucks can't get a good enough pic

  • I can see a really faint line but it looks like an evap line, try testing again in a couple of days with a pink dye test... good luck xx

  • Thanks I will... I know it came up first as the urine was moving along and I saw it was blue as well...I was told evap lines are usually white. I don't know lol.

  • A positive needs to be the same thickness as the control line and be centred. On another post you said you still had two weeks to go until your period so it's unlikely you are pregnant and any symptoms you have are more than likely ovulation symptoms. You ovulate 2 weeks before your period hence the two week wait...

    you should wait at least another week-10days before testing again.  Good luck 

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