What a massive disappointment


I'm due on tomorrow and all day ive had the telltale aches . So that's it.  Another month of trying ahead of me and that will make it 10 months ffs. Part of me really hopes I don't come on but these aches and pains are saying otherwise. So disappointed xxx


  • Ahhh hun, im sorry your feeling like that! But its not over until she arrives! Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed that she stays away! Im due on Sunday, these last few days I've found it so hard not testing but, I've promised myself I'll see if AF comes first. Good luck and don't give up hope yet!

  • I know xx it's so hard and I've had the most stressful day I really need a glass of wine nut can't because I'm holding out hope. Xx I'm so emotional and crying today cos of stressful situation that I wud not normally cry at so it's bound to come gushing in tomorrow xxx

  • I know it's hard but try to relax because winding yourself up will only prevent things from happening. 

    If i were you I would have the glass of wine. You can't put your life on hold every month. You need to try and live a normal existence otherwise it becomes all about the TTC. 

    I lost my baby in July and we have been trying since.... for the first few months I wound myself and went manic and my OH lost it and said we were to stop because of the person it made me. Now I just carry on as normal and if it happens it happens. I temp to make sure I have ovulated but have stopped all the testing for the sake of my sanity. 

  • That's true hun. To be fair this is the only month out of the 9 trying that I've actually bothered and cut down on caffeine and wine and done the ovulation tests etc. The other 8 I was just like if it happens it happens. lol.  I am very achy in the abdomen so I not tonight then i will defo come on first thing in the morning. I come on like clockwork 26 days exactly and sometimes it's mid day.but this one's defo gonna be a morning greeting xxx

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