Sorry if there's already a thread for this, but I couldn't work out how to ask a question of you all!

I've been using an app to track my fertile window and then bought some ovulation sticks too. I'm now in my fertile window, supposedly at peak tomorrow, but my stick is still showing nothing. I've then read that if you drink too much before testing with a stick it can show as negative...is that right? Should I base it on my 'window' or my stick?? I'm new to this and feel a little confused! 😬

Thank you! 


  • The apps are just a guesstimate based on cycle  length. They would only be accurate if you had the same cycle exavtly every month. Various things can delay ovulation so you are best to use the sticks and basal temping if you can. 

    Opk sticks are good with second morning urine or some ladies test after 11am and then again around 4pm.... but you shouldn't drink too much and try to hold your wee for approx 2 hours. 

    The apps are just a guideline and can't be taken as true to the day.... I used to use 2 apps and both said different to each other. Now I just temp as I don't like the stress of the OpKs and dtd when I can. Once my temp has gone up I know when I have ovulated and when my AF will be due. 

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