8th cycle TTC using ai (nrly 2ww :-O )

I was hoping to hear some happy endings from you lovely people and also find a few people who are TTC this month as I follow the threads each month and have my lil 'woop' for people but I decided it's time. We are on CD 14 of a 26/27(occasionally 28) day cycle. We insem'd cd8 cd11cd12 cd13. We have been using CBFM since 4 cycles ago and thank god we started to because we never expected it to be so soon to waving goodbye to AF. we had a plain circle (low fertility) on CD 7,8,9,10,11(so many wasted sticks) flashing smiley faces (high fertility) on cd12 in the afternoon and cd13 in the afternoon (cd13 in the morning was a circle but there was a pale line on the cheapo sticks, so we are disregarding that as had two flashing either side of it) so we are awaiting our stationary smiley face (peak fertility) and hoping it will come today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed to all of you out there ttc and if anybody has any advice, success stories, needs a tww buddy lol am here :-)


  • And cd15 will also do cd17 just incase it's a longer cycle this time... Anybody in same boat :-) 

  • I'm not really in your situation but I am in the TWW! It's been 10 days of worry, every symptom under the sun? How can I not get my hopes up!? Well, AF is due today. I'm crossing every finger that she stays away!!

    By the looks of it you've done everything right thisongth so FX to you and wishing you lots of baby dust!!!

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