12dpo BFN, can I still get a BFP?


I feel so disheartened this Morning, I'm 12dpo & just got a BFN. I had BFN for 10dpo,11dpo & 12dpo. AF is due on Monday  (15dpo) I've used clearblue this morning & first  respose before.  image

Could I still get a BFP this month? I feel so down today! Xx 



  • The photo attached is a sainsbury cheap I did just to double check too xx 

  • It's possible. Try and wait now. implantation can happen up to 12dpo and then it's 4 days until hcg shows so just try and wait it out

  • I'm due on Monday if AF doesn't arrive and I hope it doesn't I will test then. I feel really poorly today I'm sat at work at My desk my breasts are sore, I have a fuzzy head feels like head cold, backache and feel sick dry reched. Xx 

  • Hi Jade,

    know how you feel chick, I'm also 12dpo. I did a cheapie test yesterday and was negative so didn't bother today, absolutely gutted that another month has gone by and we haven't conceived again 😔

  • Hi Jessica I know it's so disheartening but I just keep thinking it will happen when it's ready.  Update from earlier I was dry wreching at work today felt so sick, no appetite haven't eaten my dinner and very bad backache and shivers [flu like synptoms] been to doctors tonight I was in agony I've got a syatic never never had it before.  Hope it's a BFP for us both 🙏👶

  • Im the similar, 3 days late, all bfn, gutting 😟 hope you get that bfp hun x

  • Thank you hun, keep trying hope you get the BFP too hun. 3 days late must be a good sign xx 

  • I thought so at first, used the dipsticks and nothing (lots of bad reviews so crossed everything) got a Frer and bfn on that too! So i have no clue whats going on 😟😟

  • I got a BFN on First response too... but we just need to keep trying to be positive. I'm gonna test tomorrow and then Monday when AF is due hopefully doesn't arrive 🙏

  • I wasted a FR when I got home from work this evening, so annoying! I'm going to try and hold off from testing now, unless AF is late 🙈 Fingers crossed for us girls!

  • Aw for you two ladies too! Plenty of time for a bfp for you both 😘😘

    Nah, i dont think i am, 3 days in and nothing, bodies playing silly buggers with me.. Docs next week if still no sign, got the cramps, heavy boobs nausea the lot... Its the inbetween either give me a bfp or give me Af, dont leave me hanging....

  • Hope we all get BFP's... keep in touch, let me know how your getting on xx 

  • Yes, all please do, be lovely to hear 😘😘😘😘

  • Fingers crossed for us all girls 🍀

  • I got another BFN this morning Ladies 13dpo. Due AF on Monday hope it doesn't arrive. Good luck ❤

  • Aw, thats pants hun. Wait until at least monday to test again (if you can) 💜💜💜

    No Af for me today, 4 days late.. Do feel crappy today though. X

  • If it's a BfN and still "late" try and track your ovulation. The point between OV and AF doesn't change, so if you OV late then your af will appear later. You need to work out your luteal phase and then as soon as you pinpoint ovulation, you add the LP length on and that's when your AF will be due. I ovulate different days every month so have no way of knowing unless I know when I have ovulated. Good luck girls x

  • It was 4th for me hun.. Apart from the general cramps boobs heavy and missed Af, thought i had it this morning but was white and like an elastic band 😂 (sorry) last period was 21st-24th Dec x

  • It's so nice to have people to talk to because we've deciced to kep quiet about TTC. So I've not told anyone xx 

  • Do you test / temp etc? I have had ewcm and cramps for a week now. My temps say I ovulated Wednesday but if I had been going on cramps and cm alone I would never have been able to know which day it actually was... is it possible that OV could have been a couple of days later than cd15? 

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