First Vue Midstream HPTs? Anyone used them before?

Hello my lovelies :)

I bought myself a pack of two asda tests for £3.50 yesterday that were unfortunately faulty, they came up with horizontal lines!!! Ridiculous! So, deciding not to waste my money I bought 3 packs of First Vue Midstreams from poundland... I peed on one today when I ot back from town and realised I had peed on it the wrong way image lmao!! So I peed on the non absorbent side lmao!!! Failing that I just wiped it across my moo hoping to not waste the test and managed a tiny drop of pee on it! Yay! Anyways, it came up with a very faint barely there line so I'm going to test tomorrow morning again (This time I will pee on the absorbent side looool!!)

Does anyone have any reviews on these tests that they would like to share before I use them? I have used them before but agessssss ago and they were totally negative and I wasn't pregnant so I'm guessing they're as good as they come!

I did find this link to a blog a lady done:

She used a First Vue then CBD and FR :)

My line came up a bit lighter, bare in mind I only peed a little on the stick, due to my idiocy! lmao!
But not sure if I saw any colour so I'm avoiding using that as my indicative test.

I also only had my last day of my period 4 days ago but was sick on Saturday morning, I woke up at 5am yacking up real bad, I had a bad tummy etc, hot and cold flushes and I've been eating like a trooper since and craving really healthy foods, even yakult!! lol! My sense of smell omg, I can't eat fish since I was sick, even fish cakes and they're my favourite usually!! image I just don't know, but my best friend is all like "Are you sure you're not pregnant because you bloody sound like it!!" - she has 5 children lol!! and even my brother asked me yesterday if I'm pregnant because I was sick! (I'm never sick unless I've drank too much wine ;) ) I've had no difference in my boobies at all or anything like that but I have for the last 4 days had a 'zingy' sensation all across my lower abdomen on and off and a slight metallic taste but I get that when I'm due on my period! Never usually this early in my cycle! and my nose has been hurting and is bright red all the time for the last 3 days...  Not sure what other symptoms I've had, but there are plenty! lmao!

Sorry for the loooooooong post, just wanted to share my stuff so you can let me know what you think :)

Thank you lovely ladies <3
Baby dust!!


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