Ansers pleaseeeee

Okay so no one answered my last post I'm in need of information so here goes again, I came of my period on the 7th I had intercourse in the 8th I started blood spotting on the 17th for a day or 2 I've never had any bleeding inbetween periods I'm not due on till the 3rd I had a bit of crampin when I had blood spotting an my moods have been terrible I took a test today it came back negative, when should I take a test ???? Could I be pregnant ? Someone please anser and help me out x


  • Just wait till your period is about two weeks late then take a test x 

  • You need to go by the day you started your period, not when you came off.... sometimes you can get bleeding with ovulation. Ovulation is usually 2 weeks before AF is due hence the 2 week wait

  • Also if it was implantation then it would take 4 days for the hcg to show on a sensitive test

  • Okay so I stopped bleeding on the 18th and I've just been the toilet and there was blood again am slightly worried any ideas ? 

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