TWW - Cramping?

So, I'm 2 days off AF (if she comes on time) and I've been experiencing my normal monthly cramps. This month I've had so many pregnancy symptoms but, I'm really trying to not get my hopes up.

Do many of you ladies get your normal AF cramps even when pregnant? How do you cope waiting to find out if you are or not? The last 2 weeks have been so slow!


  • I did.... day before and days of and after but she never came. It can be when the corpus luteum dies and the embryo takes over 

  • I guess I just have to wait and see! Fingers crossed for Sunday! I'm so tempted to test but I'm terrified to see a negative so I'm playing the waiting game instead.

  • Yeah I spent a fortune on tests in the first couple of cycles after my Mc.... have learned to just wait.... plus I don't want the heartbreak of picking up a chemical pregnancy that ordinarily I wouldn't know about

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