All of the symptoms, 8 days late, negative tests. Am I going crazy?

For a few months SO and I haven't necessarily been TTC but we haven't been avoiding it either. We kind of just want it to happen when it happens, you know? But this month has been so confusing!

I'm bloated, irritable, picking fights with my SO (I don't even realize it until afterwards), not eating as much, heartburn, flatulance, metallic taste in my mouth, super tired, my breasts hurt constantly (especially near my armpits), I cannot get to sleep (been falling asleep around 1 or 2 am every night) and just generally in a funk.

But I've been testing every other day with the cheap strip tests (the really thin ones with the pink handles) and every single one has been negative. I don't think I'm particularly stressed and I'm not working out or anything, but I honestly cannot understand what my issue is. Maybe it's all just wishful thinking? I don't know. Has anyone else dealt with this?

I'm on day 40 of my cycle, late by 8 days, haven't tested yet today, last test 1 1/2 days ago.


  • You are pretty similar to me, im 4 days late, been doing the diptests and all bfn! So we are both going crazy. I havent tested today, was going to wait and try again if no Af by day 7! Not sure why by 8 days you havent, maybe go to the docs and get some bloods done x

  • THe dip tests aren't always accurate. One of the ladies on another thread was 6 weeks pregnant and still getting negatives on the cheap strips despite having positives on brand test and digitals. Maybe invest in a first response  

  • I tested again yesterday after posting this and it was still a BFN. I think I'll invest in a first response test sometime next week. 

  • I have a special talent of running myself into debt just peeing on sticks! Over the past few years, my periods have become less and less regular and I have been known to completely skip a month. I really want a baby and having irregular periods is absolute torture. If I weren't having so many weird symptoms, I wouldn't have bothered posting. 

  • Sometimes stress due to wanting it so much can make our bodies recreate the symptoms too, i hope not for both of us though! Some ladies never got their Bfp until a week or two in so there is always a chance! If nothing though i would suggest going to get bloods done. Im 5 days over and i plan on going day 7 if nothing x

  • Annnnnnnd.... I started my period. :( oh well. Best of luck to Mickey85! 

  • Started mine this mornin too 😢 think time to take a less stressful approach...

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