Leaking nipples leading to a bfp?

Hi all, 

The cycle before last I had a cp, 2 faint positive preg tests and then period came late.

I had back ache and period-like cramps from 4dpo for over a week and around 10 dpo my nipple which has never happened to me despite squeezing them in the past.

I think I'd be about 4-5 dpo and my nipples are leaking again so I'm wondering if this was an early pregnancy symptom for anyone who got a bfp the same cycle.

I had no symptoms at all last cycle and my period was 2 days early.


  • Hi I am currently 23+5 with my second.  No leaky boobes at all with my first pregnancy and this time they started about 16w but nothing as early as before my positive test I'm afraid. Sorry not much help. We all have very different symptoms so good luck getting your positive x

  • Thank you, it's funny that the only time it's ever happened was the month I had a cp then nothing last month and it's happening again.

    They're so itchy this morning as well now.

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