Prolonged watery brown discharge, negative tests - pregnant or AF?


I am currently 11dpo and I've had a bfn every day since 8dpo despite having all the symptoms. I've been having a lot of stress at work so I don't know if that's the cause of many of my symptoms but I've had very sore boobs with almost itchy tingly nipples, nausea, exhaustion. My appetite has changed - a few days ago I could barely eat which I thought was a good sign but now I'm ravenous and I just want to eat! I've got the strangest sensation in my stomach, almost like I've just done 100 sit ups and my muscles hurt.

I've had watery brown discharge when I wipe after the toilet since 8dpo and for the past two days I've had mild cramps on and off that are like AF cramps. 

Could this just be AF coming or could I actually be pregnant? 

Thanks for any advice!

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