Stopping the pil Miscarriage - ERPC now Light Periods


I really hope you can provide me some advice. Here's my story.

I stopped my period in January last year. Periods were approx every 2 weeks and light. I have been on the pill for approx 15 years - no break!

We conceived in April however a few weeks latet the hospital told that it was not good news and I would miscarriage. I had a miscarriage in June last year. I waited 2 weeks and ended up having a ERPC as the sac was growing and I was due to go on holiday 2 weeks after.

I waited for 9 weeks for my period which was more like spotting than a period. 2 weeks later I had a really heavy period, passing clots and in pain etc. 

Since then, i have had really light periods only need a pantyliner (TMI). I am worried there is something wrong. I have been to my doctor who has sent me for blood tests and swabs and they are all normal, i am now waiting for the scan to come through. 

It does seem like my cycle is settling down as I have had 2 months with a 27 day cycle, but concerned I am not getting a proper period as it is more like spotting for 5 days don't really get any period pain either.

Has anyone else experienced this, did you find out what the issue was?

I really didn't think that trying for a baby was so hard :-(


  • I had the same. After my Erpc I did get a period 28 days later but only lasted a day.... had been like that for several months. Erpc was in July. My cycle lengths have been between 24-31 days too when before I never went longer than 28 days. 

    Last month my period was slightly heavier and I had my normal af symptoms. My doctor wasn't worried about it at all and it seems everything is settling down now. She said it's probably just hormones getting back to normal. I did have a nasty infection too, and everything has been very sensitive and I now feel ovulation where as before I didn't at all

  • Thank you for replying flybutterflyfly and putting my mind at ease.

    Was you on the pill before you fell pregnant? Sorry for you loss last year it's an awful thing to have to go through.

    I think stressing is not helping. Did you have an infection straight after the EPRC?

    I am hoping my body gets back to normal.. has the doc said to go back and see them if your periods don't settle? 

    Sorry for all the questions..

  • I came off the injection in March 2015 and fell may 2016 and my periods were textbook before then. My Mc was a missed one, so baby died at 7 weeks and I carried until 10 weeks. I was booked to have an erpc on the Monday but on the Saturday I started bleeding and cramping and they said I was in what seemed like full blown labour. Turns out that I had contracted an infection and the erpc was an emergency after being taken in by ambulance :(

    doctor just said to wait a couple of months and see.... this cycle seemed more normal so it took a good 6 months to settle down. This was the first cycle I had all my normal af symptoms.... nigjtsweats etc. And then even though it was lighter than they used to be, was full on cramps and a proper flow rather than just brown spotting. 

  • You seem like you went through an awful time at the time of the miscarriage.

    Glad your getting back to normal flybutterflyfly.

    I am now waiting for my AF, due on today had some twinges today so I am hoping mine is settling and hopefully this month I will get a heavier flow! I am so impatient...

    I have been waiting for the same scan for a month, so hopefully I will just have some reassurance everything is 'normal' and I haven't got an underlying issue.


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