This is a positive test right ?

Hello Ladies

I am the mom of a beautiful 27 month old baby boy. My husband and I have been ttc since Oct. On Friday I took a shoppers blue line test and saw a faint line. Took a first response pink dye test and also got a faint line. Took one Saturday morning got a faint line. Then tonight I got this. 

To me it says pregnant. But after so many confusing tests I just want some reassurance ... thanks ladies ! image


  • I would say it's positive! Congratulations! 

  • Okay all my hopeful mommies ... these are all of the tests I took... and although my husband thought I was crazy (or atleast seeing things) I took a digital this morning that confirms I am pregnant . So there is hope even with faint lines! imageimageimageimage

  • Congratulations ❤

  • Congratulations hun Xx

  • Thank you everyone. We are over the moon but I can't help being so scared for it to end poorly. I've never had that experience but with my son I was 11 weeks before we even knew I was pregnant. 

    I am just so scared to lose the baby. I don't know how to relieve any anxiety.

  • Well update ...

    Went into the doctors and their urine test was negative. I was instantly heartbroken. I took two more tests at home and got instant positives.  I had blood work and should know in the next 24 hours.  

    Anyone else experience something like this ? image


  • Could just be a diluted urine used at GP and a not so sensitive test.  (Alot of water before sample?) Bloods will be most accurate but the fact your digital says pregnant there is no denying you have hcg in your urine. Good luck x

  • Doctors tests need 100mlu where as clear blue digital need 50mlu I got a negative at the do in the morning then a positive in the evening at home congrats 😍🎉

  • Thank you 

    The nurse really handled the situation poorly. She told me "it's negative so you're no longer pregnant"... but literally 45 minutes later two more tests said positive. 

    Thanks so much! I feel a bit of relief !

  • try a clear blue digital in a week and see if it goes up to 2-3 weeks I did 3 one a week and when i got 3+ I felt I could relax more 😊 Is your period late x

  • Yes ! It is late. Should've had it around end of December beginning of January. I am just sticking to the hope that the doctors test wasn't sensitive enough. My blood work should be posted online this evening or in the AM so fingers crossed .

  • Your hcg should double every 2 days how far along should you be? 

  • Honestly I am not sure. I am just trying to be patient and wait for the blood test. I know it would be very early on still. 

  • The blood test was POSITIVE. 

    My hcg is 126 so anywhere around 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you for allowing me to worry and vent.

  • So exciting! congratulations! 

  • Aww congrats 😊

  • Thanks ladies.

    Rollercoaster isn't over yet. My doctor says they are still low so another blood test Monday to see if they've gone up enough. S hard to relax and not stress with this up and down. Feeling incredibly discouraged and sad.

  • Still have to go and get the second reading of hcg tomorrow... been fretting like crazy. From everything I've read the nurse shouldn't have indicated it was low until their was 2 readings anyway but you know how us moms are we worry.

    My hubby was so worried he went and bought me another digital test to see if the weeks indicator would rise. It has so that has to be good right?! image

  • Yeyy that's a good sign i did 3 clear blues one each week as I wanted to see if it went up to 3+ so try another one in a weeks time xx

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