Unclear positive tests & period


yesterday I took a first response test first thing in the am. It looked to be negative at first but I notice a very faint positive line. i was due for a period 1/19ish. but am late. this morning I took an ept, first response and digital clear blue. The ept and first response both have a very faint positive line. And the clear blue is positive. I've read that the digital ones are more sensitive so wouldn't the lines on the other tests be darker if the digital one was positive. Also my main question is...this same day I started bleeding. is it possible to have a period and be pregnant or is the period causing false positives on the tests?

my husband and I are TTC and it's mentally taking over my life. this would be my first pregnancy and I'm not even really sure how any of it works. i want this to be positive but I don't want to read into it to much if I'm wrong. 🙈


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