help ttc for 2 years now

Hi every one My name is Sonia i am 21 years old my partner is older then me hes 34 years old (dont judge) sooo here is my short story for about 2 years now we have been trying for a baby with nooo luck witch is quite frustrating i have not yet seen a doctor because im scared that if they investigate that there might be something wrong with me or him which would be heart breaking. But i know that i will have to go. i have a gynaecologist visit in about 3 weeks so i will seek advice from him.

(PREGNANCY TEST: I took one on the 19th and i had a really fain line but on the 20 i got a BFN )

On the 22nd of December i travelled to Poland for Christmas holiday i was meant to get my period on the 27th of December but i got it early. on the 23rd of December i had spotting in the evening which is quite wired for me as i never had spotting before NEVER!! So obv i though maybe i am pregnant but i was wrong i got my period on the 24th of December booo. ( when Im on my period its always painful and heavy and last for about 6 to 7 days.) this one was pain free and it lasted for 4days and it wasn't so heavy.... my partner came to Poland on the 26th of December and stayed till the 6th of January we had unprotected sex every day. from 4th of January i had really bad cramping just like before or when your on your period i started to feel sick and it continued till the 14th of January on the 14th at 1am i had really bad and painful cramping in my lower abdomen. 4 days later i had a strange pulling sensation or pinching sensation behind my belly button and lasted for about 3 mins and after that i had no cramps but im really moody apart from that nothing. till yesterday my breast feel sensitive but they are not hard. TODAY 23RD OF JANUARY IS THE DAY I AM MEANT TO GET ME PERIOD BUT SHES NOT HERE YET. ohhhh i forgot to add that from 4th of Jan i've been really bloated till today.

I really want a baby i want the baby sooo bad it's unbelievable has anyone had anything like this happen to them. Good luck to every single lady on here that is trying for a baby best of luck!!

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