Positive test now bleeding!

So it starts with i had the copper coil removed on 3rd Jan and the implant put in my arm. I was told i wouldn't be protected for at least 7 days but being an idiot i forgot and had unprotected sex on 5th. When i had realised what id done i become paranoid about pregnancy so i checked my period tracker on my phone and as my last period had started on 21st December, the tracker also said my ovulation day would of been 5th Jan (the day i had unprotected sex).

So i waited until last week and did a test last Tuesday and it was negative, i did another one Saturday just gone and it was a faint positive. 

I am now bleeding. It started as a light brownish spotting last night but this morning its a very red heavy bleeding. it mainly shows when i wipe after going for a wee (sorry for details) and then in the toilet water its all bright red. 

Never been pregnant before so i am clueless.. what could be happening?

I am going to make a doctors appointment.


  • Hi hun!

    The bleeding could be due to the implant - I work at a sexual health clinic and the implant is one of a few methods that can cause irregular and erratic bleeding. I would test again and see your doctor ASAP to make sure the bleeding is nothing to be concerned about should you be pregnant. Your implant would also need to be removed as it makes the lining of the womb thinner preventing it from supporting a fertilised egg.


  • Thank you for the reply. 

    I have just done another test and that one is also positive but again its very faint. 

    What are the chances the implant could have already effected the pregnancy? 


  • As you will have found the pregnancy very early (going on the dates youve provided), chances of harm to the pregnancy will be slim. If you are wanting to continue we'd recommend having your implant taken out as soon as possible xx

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