Wondering if I'm pregnant..

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I'm new to the site after a couple of months reading other peoples posts & trying to answer my own questions, so I figured I'd just join and start asking my own image

SO! Me and my fiance are quite newly TTC. On 12th Jan around 8pm (precise I know!) I thought AF had arrived. I had very light brown spotting for two days and so began to think "Yes IB instead!!" however, on the 15th this continued and was slightly heavier so I used a pad, but it wasn't soaked by any means, as I work out a lot I was worried about leaking (sorry if TMI), then 16th and 17th very light brown spoting again - ending on the 17th.

Due to length, all in all around 5 days, I dishearteningly put it down as AF, but then yesterday on 22nd Jan I woke up for work at 5:30am feeling sickly, which got worse as the morning went on and come 10:30am I was sent home due to vomiting on the ward (oops). I also had terrible lower back pain and this persisted all day, along with continuing nausea even after being sick. I tried a hot water bottle and a bath but neither helped. I did a HPT this morning which was negative image Back ache persists, feel generally wiped out, getting intermittent sharp pain in breasts today, have been constipated for a few days now & my skin is a mess! Experiencing a fair few symptoms you would associate with being preg!

Just wondering if any one knows from personal experiences if there is still a chance I am pregnant despite BFN today?! I know all our bodies are different and so respond in their own ways to pregnancy so can't help but get my hopes up..

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