could i be pregnant?

Hi ladies :)

me and my partner have been trying to conceive for a while now. we last had intercourse on sunday and i started my ovulation window today. I know its probably far too soon to tell but ive been feeling different. My partner says my boobs are slightly bigger, my stomach doesnt feel the same, ive had a tingling sensation in my breasts, I've been feeling alot gassier in a way, been visiting the toilet more often. lost my appetite even though my stomach wont stop rumbling. 

I dont know whats happening 


  • If you havent ovulated yet you can't be pregnant. It takes 4 days for the egg I travel to the cervix and then if fertilised takes anything between 6-12 days to implant and then another four days for hcg to be released high enough to experience symptoms. Sounds to me like you are experiencing ovulation symptoms. 

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