implantation or period?

hello everyone!

so I've been experiencing a couple things and I'm not sure how to feel about it or what it is. on my second week of birth control i missed 3 or 4 pills in a row, I ovulated from jan 12-16 and i had sex from the 14th to the 17th. all 3 days unprotected. on the 19th i had light cramping and light pink spotting followed by a gush of blood i thought it was an early period but it stopped at night , the next day i had nothing and on the 21st i again had light pink spotting followed by a gush of blood. i put on a pad thinking it was for sure my period but the pad was clean it was only when i wiped and a couple hours later i again had nothing. on the 22nd i had light brown spotting only when i wiped.i am expecting my period on feb 2nd and i am still having minor cramps. I'm not extremely nauseous but when i smell certain foods my appetite goes away although i am able to eat it. i am tired and have a weird taste in my mouth but i am not urinating frequently and my breasts are only sore form time to time. could i have experienced implantation bleeding or could it have been an early period for missing the pills? 


  • Was the bleeding around the time u missed ur pills?  If so it's withdrawal bleeds from missing them xxx 

  • it was about 4 or 5 days after i missed  my pills 

  • That sounds like it's because you missed your pill. 

    Im also having a period problem at the moment 🙈

    I have had a very strange period this month. I was due on on the 13th sept I came on on 12th sept I am usually very regular and very heavy and am usually a 28 day cycle but this month was 27 day cycle.

    Started of with really light pinkish blood and very minimal, hardly any blood, by the 13th it was brown no blood by the night of the 13th I started bleeding, again very minimal. By morning of 14th was brown again not a lot but brown (just a little patch of the pad), afternoon of the 14th was bleeding again but minimal not a lot at all very light, few hours later brown again.

    By 15th was just brown but only spots of brown when I first wiped after a wee it looked more (maybe cause it was wet) by second wipe it was a few dots of brown. Could this be implantation my periods are usually very normal and heavy. I took a test today (16th sept) bfn, my mum thinks I have taken it to early TIA for any replys  Xx

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