Bfp? Or evap

I guys just wondering if I could get some help on this one Iv been trying for a baby for 6 months now every month I was analysing every cramp and twinge and sickness but this month Iv had no symptoms apart from today I nearly threw up in back of ambulance on a pt so my crew mate said take a test I did and i couldn't see anything walked out side checked again and I can see something I'm not sure so took another which is just as light anyone else see it???image


  • I would say that's two faint positives! I work in a sexual health clinic and we use those exact same tests :)

  • Yeh I got them from hospital while at work I just thought r my eyes playing tricks caus I want it

  • No I would most definitely say two positive tests there. Try another in a few days/a week with early morning urine as the hormone levels should be rising and see if you get a clearer positive :) congrats x 

  • Yeh I'm going to try in morning see how strong line is if it's weak then will try in a few days oh my 😳😝😝

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