Mid cycle bleeding period or IB?

My husband and I are trying to convince from past 3 years but no luck , Earlier my cycles were very regular (27-28) but from past 3 months it has been very weird it became long 32 33 days cycle my LMP was on 20th Dec n next cycle was suppose to start on 19 th of Jan but on 8th Jan (18 cd ) I had brown spotting  and eventually it became slightly blackish and not enough to fill pad, it lasted for 2 days with little cramps . And i took Hpt on 22 nd Jan it was negative I am so confused what it could be? may be my cycles are going crazy Has anyone experienced it..please help...

ps: symptoms I am having:

1. Acne 2. Gas 3. Bloating 4. Frequent urination 4. Loss of appetite 5. Feeling too tired all day.. and having little cramps that come and goes....


  • Sounds as though it could be IB to me. I'm yet to experience it personally (sigh image) but I've spent a lot of time reading into it and other people's experiences! It can take at least a week in some cases to test positive after IB so don't lose hope just yet hun. Fingers crossed xx 

  • Keeping finger crossed 🤞🏻

  • It could be IB or it could just be old blood left over from your period. My IB lasted 2 days and was dark brown and dark red.... thought it was my period and was enough to use a tampon. Only way to tell is to wait a week and test again. I didn't know about Ibing so I didn't test until 5 days after my period should have been so I don't know if I had tested earlier if it would have shown up x

  • Updatemy AF just showed up today imageAgain it's weird because it just 19 days.... 

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