Can someone please tell me if this is positive?


Goodmorning, my fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for the past 6 month. I am 12 days post ovulation. Can someone tell me this is positive?



  • image Also this is my BBT chart if this helps any...

  • Looks like you are only 9dpo so it's still super early to test.... ff hasn't given you crosshairs and there are a lot of open circles in there.... have you been temping the same time every day? 

  • There is a chance thay OV wasnt until cd18 looking at the temps.... there needs to be 3 consistently highly temps after OV to confirm it 

  • I'm sorry I am a little confused on your last reply, can you explain that a little better for me. On the 12th & 13th I took a OPK and they were positive. 

    and for testing I do it every morning, but yesterday I had the urge to do it around lunch time, I saw negative so I let it be, took nap then came back and looked at it again and there was an extremely faint line. So idk what to think of it. 

  • Also, what does the open circles mean? 

  • You shouldn't really start testing until 10 dpo as a minimum as the fertilised egg doesnt implant until at least days 6-12... and it then takes 4 days for hcg to show...

    in terms of OPKs, ovulation can be anything up to 36 hours after a positive, but only temping can confirm for sure if ovulation has happened. There are lots of open circles on your chart though.... do you temp at the same time every day After at least 3 hours sleep. If fertility friend detects ovulation, then it will put lines in to show.... there should be 3 higher temps to confirm and you don't have that until cd18

    tests after the time limit should be disregarded am afraid. 

  • Post ovulation temps should be higher than pre-OV that's why it looks like Day 18. Will post mine 

  • The open circles mean there is an inconsistency with your temperatures.... could be the time or if you have entered sleep deprived in the specifics section

  • Your so much help, thank you!

    my alarms goes off at 6:20am every morning and that's when I take it every morning.

    this is my first month doing BBT so it confuses me a little.

    when should I test again? 

    I just figured the pink lines never lie but blue lines do lie, or at least that's what I read.

  • Have you entered that you are sleep deprived in the specifics section? If you are taking temps at the same time every day then they should be solid circles.... or check the time on the app and check it's the same time each day? 

    I don't test unless AF doesn't arrive as am fed up with negatives and also don't want the heartbreak of picking up on a chemical pregnancy. And it's expensive.  So my advise would be to wait. If your times on there are correct, to me it looks like you are only 5dpo.....

    if you so want to test early though it should be from at least 10 dpo and even then it's not accurate. 

  • Now that I think of it I might be putting the temps in ff later in the day because I put it in my Olva app first, then I get ready for the day and sometime I don't put it in ff till I get to work, so makes sense.

  • Go back and change the times to the correct time on all of them.... then FF should give you crosshairs....: I think it will be cd18 based on your temps.... your temps is low on the day you OV and then they go up and have to stay up for 3 days to confirm ovulation 

  • What does cd mean?

  • image I don't see the line your talking about

  • Cycle day. Cycle day 1 is first day of your period. How long are your cycles normally?

  • Go to the settings section and check that the detector setting is on advanced. 

  • It's in advance but still no line.

    also, I am not sure how long my cycles are normally, I would say around 28days but not too sure. I was on the pill for a year before TTC

  • I think it's probably because your temps are so up and down then.... the earliest you would have OVd would be day 14 which would fit with a 28 day cycle..... but it could have been as late as day 18.

    it could be because you haven't put in any cm data etc. And it's finding it hard to read.

    Just to see, change the settings to FAM and see what it does :)  

  • image I have no idea what this means... lol is this good or bad? 

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