Almost Dark OPK 9 days in a row.

Hi everyone,

I'm brand new here :)

I tried last year for a few months to get pregnant but due to personal stresses, we stopped ttc and have just started properly again this month.

When I've done opks before, they always were light and got progressively darker towards ovulation and then dark for 1-2 days. I usually ovulated always around day 22. My cycles were more longer back then.

I've been taking supplements, krill oil and I attend a herbalist and my cycle is more or less normal now so I started ovulation sticks on day 12. Now on day 21 the sticks have all been exactly the same colour and not dark but seem to be somewhat dark every day. 

I'm just wondering if anyone would mind looking at the picture attached. Could I have ovulated previously or could there be something wrong? (Sorry it looks a but gross. The right line is the control line and left is the test line.)

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone :) image


  • If anyone could help, I would be so grateful. The lines on the last 3 seem lighter,  so does it look like I could have ovulated before that? Thanks :)

  • Those are negative hun.  The test line needs to be AS dark or darker than the control line xxx 

  • Thanks a million for answering :)

    I must not have ovulated at all this month as the stick again today is lighter.  Thanks so much.

  • U may have either ovulate earky or u may just ovulate late. It's literally a 2 day window. Keep an eye out for twingy cramp in ur abdominal area normally on one side. If u feel this do a test that day. Allow a good 4 hours worth of pee so don't drink for 3 hours before u do the text xxx

  • Thanks a mill.

    I am having twingy cramps in each ovary for the past week and a half and on day 12 my cm indicated I was ovulating. Would it be normal to ovulate before this?

    I'm bloated, my skin has broken out and I have cramps on both sides and last week was hugely irritable. Then I have pains that feel like my period is coming (since last week) but period isn't due until 5th Feb.

    I was wondering maybe if there was something wrong with my ovulation because of how I'm feeling and because of the strange opks.

    Thanks a million for your help, I really appreciate it.

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