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Hello. I was 4 days late for my cycle. I was supposed to start on 1/20/17. My cycles are like 3-4 days long. I go to br this am and there is blood. Could I be getting my period late? Or should I go get a blood test done? I took test all wk and always was a BFN. We are trying to conceive. I'm already taking prenatal pills. What should I be doing to conceive? Thanks



  • You need to track your ovulation using opks or temping your basal temperature every morning.

    the only reason a period would be "late" is if you ovulated later than normal. Your cycle should be counted from the first day of full flow bleeding (the length of bleeding doesn't matter)

    on a usual 28 day cycle (where period arrives on day 29) you would OV around day 14.

    the first thing to do is start tracking your OV though (the length of time between OV and period doesn't change) once you have pinpointed ovulation your period will arrive approx 14 days later, but for some ladies it's only 12 days or so.

    You are fertile in the 4-5 days before OV and the day of Ov. Once ovulation has happened the door is slammed shut and you then have to wait for 2 weeks until your period arrives. The egg only lives 12-24 hours so it's important to have sperm in there waiting as they can live up to 3-5 days inside you.

    hope that helps x  

  • Hey thank you. I have been tracking my ov n my cycles for over 2 years with the app call period tracker.. Normlly it's on point. Last month I had 2 period cycles. Dec 1st was the first one and the 25th but according to period tracker I was due for my period on the 1/20. Now when I do the ovulating thing online just to check to see if I'm going to be back on schedule next month for my cycle and the app says one date and the online ovulation calculation shows another. It's worrying me if I'm that stress or am I just late? Could I be pregnant?  According to my app I was late I would have ended my period on Monday..

  • Well my period is very odd as I meant to be on tomorrow but have a very very small amount of bleeding and the achies but Im holding in there same too flowerblooms too

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