So I've been ttc for around 6 months now and have had no luck so far... I had my last period on the 28th of December and around a week ago started getting some sort of thrush? which I've never had before... my period is now due today and I've still got the thrush but no period, my thrush is treated with vagisil which seems to ease it a little bit I wanted to know it having thrush could be a sign of pregnancy? 

Please post your responses and let me know!


  • I had what I thought was thrush and it turns out I was pregnant. However you can obviously get thrush without being pregnant. Only way to tell is to take a test. I think I would have been about  8dpo or so but I don't know for sure as we weren't actively trying when I fell

  • If you never get thrush and then it suddenly comes before your period but after ovulation would the chances of getting pregnant be higher or am I just wishing too much? 

  • hey, I'm having the same problem, due in four days and been getting discharge, also got the feeling of sore boobs and feeling extremely sick throughout day, it's like been in limbo waiting around hoping for a positive test this month after eight months of ttc 

    good luck to you all!! 

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