Af due in 4 days, been ttc for 8 months

hey ladies. 

So ive been ttc for eight months now and still nothing, ive been getting cramps and lower Back ache which is nothing different from when my af is due every month apart from this week I have been feeling very sick and boobs are extremely tender, also have discharge for past two days clear not brown sorry for tmi,  i don't want to build my hopes up to be let down again another month but I just wanted everyone's opinons what are you experiences , have you had this and turned out to be pregant? , thanks in advance 


  • Always a possibility hun 🍀

    Can always take a test 4 days before with a First Response:)

    Ive had 3 children but 8 pregnancies all I can say is by 10dpo where you are about now I'm guessing roughly?  I started weeing more frequently and felt very bloated all the rest of my symptoms were the same as AF:/

    Im 10 months in tying for my 4th longest it's ever taken my others was pg within 1-6 months so getting frustrated and hate bfns:(

    Good luck to you hope you get your BFN this month 😊

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