Very very faint line???

Am I going crazy?! I've been ttc for 6 months and using an ovulation app on my phone trying  to get it right but no joy yet. Anyway I'm due on sunday and for the last three days I've had a horrendous headache/migraine. I went to the doctors and she said it was probably a pre men headache, which I never get may I add, then it dawned on me, I might be pregnant! So I did a first response and I don't know if I'm seeing thin or whether this does happen? But there is a very very faint line to the left of the test. Please somebody advise? Am I going crazy? Is this a Bfp?! 



  • How soon did it show up? I do just barrly see it. Fingers crossed for you. 

  • It showed up straight away, like immediately, but didn't get any darker. Im going to do anther frer in the morning. The waiting game is torture! 

  • I would wait a couple of days..  pregnancy hormone doubles every 2 days... good luck ❤

  • So I've done another one this morning after an agonising wait... and it's the same, if not fainter! But I've also discovered I have a UTI this morning too. Ive googled extensively and it shouldn't affect my result unless there was blood in it (it's really not that bad just feels like cystitis) trip to the chemist this morning I think. I will try not to come back with armfuls of pregnancy tests lol. 

  • imageopinions ??? Going crazy here

  • Yes I definitely see a line! how soon did it come up? I would love to tell you yep that's a bfp but the more I've been googling faint lines the more worried I am about my own. It's so hard but we just have to wait it out and do more tests. It's agonising isn't it. Fingers crossed for you!!!! It looks good to me.

    I've just been to the chemist, no uti which makes me think maybe I am actually pregnant. I have loads of symptoms (boobs sore, sickness,headaches) but af round the corner 2 days now I'm so scared I'm going to come on. I've bought 2 digital clear blues (which apparently are less sensitive than the frer) so I bought 2 frers and 2 home dip sticks. I must have looked crazy lol. At least I've got enough to test over the weekend each morning. Do you think I should try with a digital tonight? If I wait at least 4 hours before peeing?? 

  • image

    Ok I just couldn't wait. I did another frer and the line is definitely getting darker?!!!! Opinions please ladies? I will do a digital in the morning. 

  • I can see a line! Wait 2 days and do another frer... digitals are not as sensitive so you could get a negative! Congratulations ❤

  • I think the clear blue digital is less sensitive so I'm scared to do it incase it's negative. I think I'll do another frer tonight and then a clear blue in the morning. I think this might be my bfp??? image

  • Yep i think you have your BFP!!!! Congratulations xx 

  • So u see it too?? Thank goodness and I would get the fr first and wait on the digital because they're wayyy less sensitive and mine came up in about 5 min so do y'all think it's a positive? I got a negative with a clear blue after that but I took them at different times in the day 

  • That's a definite positive!

  • OK so these are my tests. I am too scared to do a digi because I can't bear the thought of getting a negative. I have 5 positive tests. 3 are super faint but 2 (most recents) are clear. I rang the doctors she said congratulations and passed my number to the midwife. I feel like I can't celebrate yet because my AF could still be round the corner. I'm so scared to get excited. image

  • It's natural to feel scared hun... but try to relax they are definitely positive ❤ when's af due? Xx

  • Af due Sunday. So 2 days time! I'm going to bite the bullet and do a digital tonight. I just hope it shows xx

  • Maybe wait till Sunday to do the digital hun I'm sure they need 100mlu where as I'm sure the frer 12-15mlu x

  • I really wish I'd listened to you (and myself) I just got a negative result from the clear blue digi but to be honest I peed last like an hour ago so I doubt there would be enough hcg especially when the digitals need 25. I'm just going to accept the 5 positive tests and maybe use a digi Sunday to confirm x 

  • image

    Needed a 4am wee and just couldn't help myself. I felt like I couldn't celebreate with a negative result from the digi. Anyway so... here we go. Wowsers I definitely can't get back to sleep now xx

  • Bfp

    faint line on frer 12dpo

    clear bfp - frer 13dpo. Digi negative - 13dpo

    Clear blue digi bfp - 14dpo w fmu 

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