Period or implementation

I started to bleed on 24 it was light same the next day only change my pad once and only blood when I wipe or on the pad its today I woke put and i was likethe bleeding had stopped but it hadn't still bleeding a little bit sometimes its light pink and some bright red there no blood clots now and then getting cramp but mild cramp the bleeding has not got heavy just light looks watery and stringy sometimes 


  • I'm in the same situation Happyjane, have you carried out a HPT?? im not so sure I'm still pregnant anymore, I have no pain but just have a feeling nothings theres anymore. I thought I was 5 weeks but now with the bleeding I'm not so sure 

  • Well I been 4 days late on my period experience idk what it is before in guess light bleeding for 5 days and it stopped trying to conceive for 2 months straight lol...and today experience again light bleeding so I thought I got my period I so I was wearing a tampon and took it to check if it was heavy bleeding or anything it was just brown and then again light  red bleeding so wdk what is it I'm really trying to conceive thinking to go to the doc when my husband comes home in really scared I hope everything is normal and ok 😢😔😳

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