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Is this a positive?!?!



  • Been feeling like I'm going to come on for all least a week and got a postive test so I think it's quite a common symptom as I've seen a lot of people mentioning it and then going on to get a bfp. I did another test a couple of days later but in the afternoon and had a faint postive but the line was quite thin so I'm hoping it was because the test was not as sensitive and wasn't done with fmu and not another cp.

  • Yeah I vaguely remember having it with my little girl but that was aboutb3 years ago now so it's a bit hasey on how they actually were as I was very poorly at the found out after I was 2 days late...have yours been quite strong? I don't mean that requires any pain relief of hunched over in pain or anything? Mine are and they come and go aswel. Aw yeah it defo sounds like you are! Congratulations:) :) I'm beginning to think them just were false positives as I have read so much about blue dye tests aswel I mean it's albeit it's strange to get four positives on them but you never know with them do you! I'm not going to test unless af is late as I will drive myself crazy if it turns out negative :/ no spotting anymore..and cm sometimes it's like white hand cream sometimes it's quite tacky aswel so I've no idea 😣 lower back pain aswel and still sore boobs but these are also symptoms I get before period lol so very anxious and confused! Haha how far along are hun? Xxx

  • Woke up to extreme pain this morning and now bleeding 😭

    They weren't hunched over pains no just dull aches really, I had the same the month I had my cp. My unusual symptom with both this one and cp was leaking nipples lol.

  • Oh no is everything OK? Aw yh so quite a strong sign then lol..I've had them quite a bit today still convinced she's on her way! Maybe they were faulty ay..or just horrible Evaps on 4 of them we will see xx

  • Looks like it was another chemical pregnancy, my 2nd in 3 cycles 😕

    Woke up to my alarm this morning and the pain hit me like a ton of bricks and went to the toilet and red orange blood when I wiped, only a few spots the whole day but then this evening turned super heavy and loads of clots so that's it 😭

    I hope yours aren't false postives, very odd to get 4. I would advise pink dye tests in the future like first response rather than clear blue but use a clear blue digital after af if you get a postive on a first response. I've found the poundland dip tests really good as every month I've had no symptoms yet tested they've been obvious negatives whereas the cps they came up a few days before AF was due and my friends have all gotten their bfps on them and then go on to do clearblue digitals for conformation.

  • OMG hun I'm sp sorry to hear that I really am! Hug your way all around!!! Ivery never had one of those but you must feel so upset!! Bump will happen soon enough!! :(:(:( image are you going to the doctors? 

    Yes it is very strange that I've had 4 positives on them but I know ow how under reliable they are so tbh I'm trying my hardest to not read those and AF this morning but could be later today or tomorrow. I have a first response there waiting so if in a few days nothing I will be testing.  I just don't want to get my hopes up and then be let down..I mean I will be a bit if she arrives but atleast I'll know for sure if she's late. 

    Woke up to mild cramps again nothing major tho so will see what happens ay...mentioned it to my work friend and she has 4..she only used clear blue and blue dyes for her babies and they were all right so she's convinced I am lol but I'm not haha I just feel so much that I'm going to come on..think I'm just expecting too as I think it would be too good to be true haha. 

    Hope your alright hun!! Xxxx

  • Thanks, it's a bit heartbreaking but the embryo clearly isn't healthy so I'd rather it happen now than further down the line.

    We've been trying 3 years in April and had 2 cps in 3 months so at least something is finally starting to happen.

    How long have you been trying? 

    I'm not wasting my time doing to the doctors tbh as there is nothing they can do. I'm going to rebook an internal scan though as have suspected endometriosis and would like a diagnoses if I do have it or peace of mind if I don't but I will get to that in time. 

    Oh God if you're due on today I'd be so tempted to do the first response as most people get a postive a few days before AF is due but it's what you feel comfortable with.

  • imagesorry to jump in but needing some help so last night i done this test in got two lines but day the line is gone. Ave done some more tests today in there negative am so confused. Could it be an evap line?

  • Aw that is so sad hun  again I'm sorry to hear but it will happen just try to stay positive and have fun trying :) tbh were not actively trying it would be a surprise were pregnant lol..but we would  be over the moon if it turns out we are :) lol I know it's hard but I just don't want to get hopes up and it turns out I just have a late month if u know what I mean. Lol

    Karlywarly...that doesn't look like an evap line of first glance tbh as it's pink and where it should be but sometimeshe these things can happen. With it completely disappearing and the others being negative maybe it was :( try again in the next few days with FMU and see what happens! :):) xx

  • The line can disappear if the hcg in your urine isn't that strong yet, they say not to read results after like 10 minutes usually so once you've read it after a few minutes don't count what it says after the 10 minutes. As for the negatives today did you use the same brand? First morning urine?

  • Sh3 I am trying to stay postive, flying out to Spain for a week tomorrow morning so hopefully will be the break away I need. 

  • Was a different brand with my morning urine this morning will test again in a few day thanks girls x

  • Different brand can have different sensitivity so if the one pictured is more sensitive than the one you used this morning then that could explain why the 2nd one didn't pick it up. It doesn't look like an evaporation line as it has colour and it's the same thickness. When is af due?

  • It was due 2 days ago ano a sound thick with having two boys but they were confirmed at the doctors with blood test lol x x 

  • Aw yeah it sounds just want you need hun a nice break and some sun!!! 

    Karlywarly yes test in a couple of days and see :) and no you don't sound thick haha I've had a bay and was go ogling where exactly my uterus is haha!

    So I've done another clue blue easy test my friend got me some as she put it she couldn't resist lol and I did one at her house and it has come back positive again!!!! Will do the other tomorrow morning with fist morning urine to see..if it's the same will be also doing the first response haha no AF as of yet but I think I'm officially actually due tomorrow got mixed up I think...but however I really feel she's on her way though got lower back pain now and cramps which is what I normally get before the red witch of the month turns up! :/ it was faint still but noticeably there tho! 

    I also has a pain like in the lower left side of my pubic bone felt like I'd been kicked in the groin haha and also had like strong pinching feelings in the center where I think my uterus is and a pulling feeling! But there's still time for her to arrive so in complete denial of these tests! Driving me mad this! I did however take a pink dye on in work today (not first morning wee) and it was a negative I read in the leaflet that it's like 50MIU so thought its not so sensitive maybe that's why it's not picked it up. 🤔🤔🤔

  • imageimage test fromantic before xx

  • From**** Damn spell check lol

  • How funny, I noticed the right side of my groin was really tender a couple of days before my cp when my body was still producing hcg, around my public line.

    Do the first response in the morning I'm desperate to know, I don't think you'll get any clarity doing another clearblue.

  • OK so update...I took another clear blue this morning as had it left and got the same...I did a pink dye one when I got in from work and there's now a faint line on there aswel super faint tho...this is the same one I took yesterday which turned out negative. No AF yet she was due today aswel so we will know in the next few days for sure xx

  • I would do a first response with fmu, sounds very promising though. 

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