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Is this a positive?!?!



  • When are you due on? X

  • im not sure? My last period was 16th December but I've been regular lately,but my periods have never been reliable to be fair lol still no af this morning and we dtd last night so I'd of thought that defiantly would of started it off after the spotting,my boobs have been so sore all night too,I did a test this morning,only a cheap strip and it's negative x

  • Congrats sh3, so lovely to see your confirmation 😀

  • Maybe give it a few more days hun xx

  • It started yesterday lol pinkish n very light so it should kick in in the next few days,next cycle please👍🏼

  • I deffo see a line!!! :) 

    i am in ge same boat, Only due in today so very early. the tests keep showing Faint positive Lines but they are very faint. They came Up within the 5 minute frame, i don't know what to think!! Any opinions?? Photos attached xximageimage

  • Awww :(  well hopefully next cycle hun :) 

    Oh I see the lines on them hun they look promising:) xx

  • Simmo it's not over until AF is in full flow.

    Sweetiepie I see the lines, test again in 48 hours and the line should be darker as your hcg should double every 48 hours. 

  • Any updates ? 

  • Nothing with me as usual.

    How are you sh3? X

  • What about this? 

    Is this a positive? image

  • I'm alright hun turned 6 weeks today got midwife on a right uncomfortable feeling think it's all the stretching it's worrying me a little though of I'm honest because it's been consistent most of the feels tight and like I'm being I've got a ball in there. No bleeding or nothing but I'm worried :/ 

    That looks like a positive hun :) 

  • Thanks, I'm so happy. Felt a bit sick and decided to do another one image

    im over the moon! xo

  • Awwwwwwww congratulations hun!!! So happy for you! Xx

  • Aw congratulations.

    Sh3 try and relax, it's so common to be uncomfortable especially at the beginning with the huge chances to your body.

    My best friend is pregnant with her 3rd and has had pain, bleeding, diarrhea and she's fine and finding out the sex tomorrow 😀😀

  • Thank u so much! its hard to believe it's true :-)


  • Aw thanks miley15 I will it's just worrying isn't it these first few weeks lol! I know it takes some time to sink in doesn't it haha! Is this your first? Xx

  • Sorry to Intrude sh3, But I'm in the Same Boat! im 5 weeks 1 day and I keep Getting cramping and no other symptoms other than sore boobs and it's  so worrying Wondering what's going on in there isn't it! xx

  • Cramping is totally normal in early pregnancy your body is adjusting and stretching to accomadate baby as their going to get big quick     

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