Any advice welcomed please

I was hoping someone could give me some advice. Over the last 4 months i had been trying to conceive..i had been trying for a few months before hand but only the last 4 months did i start trying opk tests ect. Last month i took an opk test and had a positive test on cd11 so assumed i would ovulate that day or the day after, i calculated when i would be due on amd surely enough 14dayd later af arrived. This time for the first time in almost 5 years after having my first son was the most painful ive had. I use to have very painful period pains until the birth of my son and then never got them that bad agein. I had cramps alot worse than usual for about 3 or 4 days before af..then when she arrived my stomach and back was in so much pain i was im tears. I suffer from ibs so sometimes this can give me a similar pain and discomfort. After that cycle i decided it was to stressful to keep symptom tracking ect so did nothing except track start date to estimate new cycle date.. heres where im now confused last month i ovulated on day 11 and started my cycle on 28th dec 2016 its now 26th jan 2017 and cycle hasnt started which means im ovulating pat day 15/16 does this seem normal. Im usually spot on with dates if not a day or so early. Could i have something maybe going on thats causing this?

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