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Should i take a preg test

I have done so many tests over the last few months i feel like im just wasting my time.. i have checked my last 4 cyles they were 28 days, 27 days then 25days and 25 days agein and now im on day 31 of last cycle? I may just have a longer cycle.?


  • Are you tracking your ovulation? The days from ov to af don't change but it could be that you ovulated later this cycle x

  • Hey thankyou for the reply, no this is the first month i decided not to track ovulation. So im really confused, im not sure if ive just ovulated later this time around or im late. But im 31 days into cycle now and have never usually been this late x

  • You could try a FRER, do it in the fmu, fingers crossed for you xx

  • Yeah i think ill have to try that tomorrow and see what happens as ive already been to the toilet today about 5 times. Not sure if im getting cramps today so will have to wait and see if af arrives tonite. I dont like the thought of buying tests and getting a bfn :( thankyou xx

  • So thought i would just update my post today, i am on cd32 at the moment. Tested this morning and got a BFN :( was certain af would have arrived but nothing so far except a few cramps and back pains since yesterday. Just hoping af arrives sooner rather than later at this point! Has me a little bit worried as i know other woman experience longer cycles and its perfectly normal but i cant remember having af arrive this late in a very long time . X

  • I just need to let some of this stress out! 

    Day 32 of cycle BFN :( was using a tampon incase af arrived and had tried doing a cervix check just out of curiosity but was experiencing back pains and cramps. Stopped using tampons and used a pad incase iwas adding to the cramping by using tampons and messing around with that area..surely enough all cramping and back pain went away when left alone! Onto day 33 today did bd last night expecting that may bring af along but still nothing and not even a twinge of a pain anymore..any advice from anyone would be helpful. Start date of last cycle was dec 28thxx

  • Having a really down day feeling emotional and not sure what to think!

    Day 34 of cycle and still no AF with a Bfn on day 32 so to nervous to test agein not sure how many more bfn i can take. Really didnt want to stress myself out this month so didnt use any opk tests ect to even start to guess when ovulation took place :( The only reason i was tracking period as i have a night out on the 3rd and was sure af would have been amd gone at this point an still nothing. Anyone out there in a similar situation? X

  • Hey hun... it could be the stress delaying af too... it's a lot easier said then done but try and relax... the pregnancy hormone doubles every 2 days so maybe use a frer today and see or try using fmu tomorrow morning... good luck ❤

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